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Vintage & Versatile

Hello! My name is Brianne Cole and I welcome you to my little corner of the internet! I am an artist, educator, and all around creative! I would be absolutely thrilled to work with your school, organization, business, or residential property. 

-Are you interested in leveling up your surroundings with a mural? 

-Do you have a live event that could utilize a freestanding mural?

-Would you like to have someone live paint at one of your events?

-Have you ever wanted to elevate your organization with a collaborative mural process where *you* and others participate in the creation?

-Does your school or organization need help planning and creating a particular event, such as Trunk or Treat?

-Do you have students interested in learning about mural design and painting? 

All of these are services we can provide! Please get in touch below. 

Interested in Leveling Up with Us? Get in Contact Below!

Let's Create! 

I want to hear from YOU! It all starts with *your* ideas and vision. 

Fill this out as completely as possible. We will get in touch with you to do a virtual or in-person consultation where we will discuss your vision and ideas.

To begin, we will create rough digital mockups of your vision. If you decide to move forward with any of the ideas, you will be asked for a deposit and sign a contract for services. 

From there, the fun begins!

Thanks for submitting!

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