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Encanto Door Progress

Here are some of the pieces I have been working on. All of these pieces, including individual Luisa even though she isn’t pictured solo, are nearly complete. For example, my Dolores is further along than she is in this first picture, but I just wanted to show some close up progress photos.

My plan is to recreate the cover of an Encanto book that has the three sisters for one of my doors. I decided to add Dolores because she is my favorite, and I know I mentioned that previously. I happen to have two classroom doors, so I am going to make one a solo recreation of Dolores’ door with her in front. I am not as far along on that idea.

For the sisters, I plan to situate them similarly to the cover of the aforementioned book. I will include other small pieces to add to the background and frame the sisters. The door is going to say ”the MIRACLE is you!”

I look forward to how it will turn out and I will keep you updated here!

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